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We perform accurate and reliable blood tests.

In case you are wondering what blood tests are, it is used to measure or examine cells, chemicals, proteins, and other substances that can be found in the blood. It is one of the most common types of lab tests. If you are looking for a provider of accurate and dependable blood work results, look no further than us at Revamp Health.

Labs/Blood Work

  • Annual Wellness Package (UA, CBC, hemoglobin, lipid panel, cmp, LDL cholesterol, chloride, potassium, sodium, albumin, ALT, alkaline phosphate, TSH
  • Basic Health Check (cbc, cmp, hemoglobin A1c, lipid panel cholesterol)
  • Testosterone Blood Test Panel (cbc, PSA serum total, testosterone total & free)

For more information about the labs/blood work analysis we offer, feel free to contact us.